Why Biking Your Way to Work is Good

Biking by MValderamma | MorgueFile

Biking by MValderamma | MorgueFile

Based on the latest study conducted by the University College in London, riding a bike is five times safer than driving. Researchers recorded how frequently cyclists and drivers were admitted to hospitals due to accidents from 2007 to 2009. It turns out that bikers ages 17 to 20 were admitted 11 times for every million miles they rode, while car owners were admitted 32 times. But of course, there are still a couple of reasons why biking your way to work is good.

Lets You Lose Weight

Losing weight through biking is a no-brainer. The benefit was emphasized by International Bicycle Fund, a non-profit organization that promotes bicycle transportation. According to IBF, an average biker can expect to lose 13 pounds in his first year of riding to work every day.

Allows You to Save Cash

Of course, riding your own bike means that you no longer need to sit in traffic. Moreover, you’re no longer paying for gas and car maintenance that often. All of the cash that you can save from commuting or driving is tantamount to $8,946 annually according to a 2012 study by the American Auto Association. So if you ride a bike for a 15-mile commute, you can save as much as $6.83 daily.

Helps Save Lives

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison made a computer model to predict the effects of 30 million Westerners riding a little less than 5 miles round trip. It resulted to improvements in air quality and physical fitness. Other than that, it could save 1,100 lives and $7 billion in healthcare cost per year.

So if you’re driving your way to work, now is the time to reconsider biking.

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