Australian Purse Snatcher Smashes Through Glass Door and Escapes

Australian thief escapes


If for some reason you had to turn to a life of crime, we’re betting a flawless escape plan is an absolute necessity. How else could you get away with the perfect crime?

Well, that didn’t exactly happen for a thief down under in Australia.

A man snatched a 50-year-old woman’s purse in a shopping center located in the Perth suburb of Ballajura. As the robber was making his getaway, he mistook a pane of glass for a door. As the suspect crashed through the door, he fell and was cut by the broken glass.

Bystanders who had witnessed the tumble helped the thief to his feet, unaware that a crime had just been committed. As the good Samaritans were doing their good deed for Easter Sunday, another man appears from a parked car, asks the bystanders to leave Mr. Glass alone and then basically drags the guy away. But, before the two men proceed to drive away in their stolen green Lexus, a shopper tries to put the suspect in a headlock. The suspect, however, was able to free himself.

While this story is interesting and all, the absolute best part is that it was all caught on film. Turns out that the incident was captured by the Shopping Center’s CCTV, which you check out below.

Police are now on the lookout for two men between 15 to 25 years old, between 5-foot-5 and 5-foot-9, with a slim build, dark skin and dark wavy hair, one presumably with glass in it.

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