Raspberry Pi A in US—Sold Out

Raspberry Pi Models A and B | Allied Electronics

Raspberry Pi Models A and B | Allied Electronics

The Linux-based and very affordable tiny PC, Raspberry Pi, went on sale last Monday in the US through Allied Electronics. It was first launched in Europe last February 2012, followed by a release in Asia.

Carrying a price tag of $25, the Raspberry Pi Model A boasts 256 MB of RAM, single USB 2.0 socket, HDMI, SD card, and 3.5 audio sockets. Unfortunately, this model is completely out of stock for US buyers.

Raspberry Pi Model B

On the other hand, there is the Raspberry Pi Model B which costs $35. It has 512 MB of RAM, two USB 2.0 sockets and Ethernet port. It is no longer available in Allied Electronics, but the Raspberry Pi Model B can be purchased through Newark.


Both models are amazingly small, approximately the size of a credit card, and feature an ARM processor. This makes them suitable to a wide array of applications, especially in education sector and DIY systems.

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