Facebook Announces Facebook Home for Android

Facebook Home for Android | Facebook Home Event

Facebook Home for Android | Facebook Home Event

Last Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg unveils that latest iteration of their Android mobile app during a Menlo Park media event. Dubbed as Facebook Home, the CEO said that it signals a shift in the way people interact with their computing devices.

Facebook Home: Phones Designed For People

The Facebook Home for Android is a launcher, which replaces the standard interface on an Android smartphone. By tweaking the look and function of a device, it now shifts from being app-centric to focusing on a user’s contact lists.

As Zuckerberg noted, “What would it feel like if our phones were designed around people instead of apps?”

According to a ComScore data, Facebook consumes about 25 percent of its members’ smartphone usage time. This is in addition to Facebook-owned Instragram pushes, which indicates that there should be a change in focus of mobile devices.

How Facebook Home for Android Works

Facebook Home for Android has primary interface that features lock screen, home screen, and messaging features. The lock screen provides users with continuous feed of their friends’ status update. Users can also swipe between updates, and they can like it by double tapping.

Meanwhile, swiping from lock button to the apps icon will make the handset’s apps library accessible. This brings in the redesigned app tray that displays the available applications, as well as the option to make a status update or take a picture to post on Facebook.

The messaging feature, on the other hand, pulls in messages from text messages and Facebook. The main feature is called ChatHeads, and it pops up persistent messaging icons for incoming messages. These icons remain visible even when users switch from one app to another. Furthermore, icons and chats can be recognized or removed using gestures.


Facebook Home for Android will be available on April 12 at the Google Play Store. Facebook users with the latest Android app version will receive a pop up option to try the social networking giant’s mobile launcher.

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