Google, Eyeing WhatsApp for Acquisition

WhatsApp Mobile Messaging Services | Official Website

WhatsApp Mobile Messaging Services | Official Website

There were rumors that Google is in negotiation to acquire the cross-platform messaging app WhatsApp. In relation to this, the search engine giant is considering a $1 billion price tag for the application.

Unifying Google Messaging Services with WhatsApp Platform

It was reported that Google is trying to strike a deal with the WhatsApp team, who is said to be “playing hardball”. The people behind the messaging app is said to be looking out for an acquisition amount that is close to $1 billion.

Meanwhile, industry watchers believe bringing WhatsApp would give Google the right tools to unify their messaging services such as Google Voice, Google Hangouts, and Google Talk. This would make the search engine giant capable of with competing Facebook’s communication segment.

Furthermore, it appears that the unification of messaging services is on top of Google’s priorities as of the moment. It should be recalled that the search engine giant is said to be working on Project Babble. The said project is believed to provide cross-platform communications between its varieties of messaging services.

Prior to this, there were claims that Google approached WhatsApp in early December 2012. It was also during this time that Facebook reached out to the team behind the cross-platform messaging service for acquisition.

WhatsApp has proved to be successful since its release, garnering millions of users across Android, BlackBerry, iOS, and Windows devices. It is the second-most popular paid app in iTunes as of the moment, seeing 18 billion messages being transmitted past New Year’s Eve.

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