Have a Tour of Jurassic Park in Minecraft

"Jurassic Park Minecraft Recreation" by Josh Collin | Official YouTube Video

“Jurassic Park Minecraft Recreation” by Josh Collin | Official YouTube Video

A week after Jurassic Park’s 3D remastered version was released in theaters; one Xbox Live user recreated the movie’s famous dinosaur park in Minecraft.

Josh Collin, who goes by the name of An Angry Wolf on Xbox Live, spent four months building his virtual Jurassic Park in Minecraft. He based his creations on scenes from the movie, which include the massive gate and visitor center. It also has mine carts that take the place of the Ford Explorers on rails.

The only things missing in the virtual Jurassic Park are the dinosaurs, although there are huge silhouettes of brachiosaurus just like in the movie.

However, because Josh put together his creation in the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, it means there’s no way for other users to download the map to tour it on their own. Nevetheless, he uploaded a six-minute long YouTube video that shows the recreated Jurassic Park—from the opening scenes on the helipad to the unexplored areas of the island.


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