Pandora is Now 200 Million Strong

Pandora Infographic | Official Blog Post

Pandora Infographic | Official Blog Post

In an official blog post by Pandora last Tuesday, the popular Internet radio service announced that they have racked up 200 million registered users since 2011.

This means that Pandora was able to double its user base within two years, and about 140 million of them are listening on their mobile devices. What makes this recent rapid progress newsworthy is the fact that the service was launched in 2005.

Aside from reaching their 200-million milestone, Pandora also revealed a few other fun facts about their listeners.

  • Listeners stream over 200 million songs before 8:00 AM
  • Pandora streamed almost 1.5 billion hours of music last March
  • One in three smartphone users listen to songs on Pandora every month

Taking Actions to Stay on Top

But although Pandora is on top with the number of its registered and active users, rival streaming music services are nipping at its heels. This includes Spotify, Slacker Radio, and Rdio. So how can Pandora hold its crown? The company is likely to start it by hiring a new CEO.

In relation to this, Pandora CEO Joe Kennedy announced last month that he will be leaving Pandora after nine years of spearheading the company. He will stay with the Internet radio service until the board of directors is able to find a successor.

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