Next-Gen Xbox to Feature Deep Cable TV Integration

New Xbox 360 Entertainment System | Xbox Official Website

New Xbox 360 Entertainment System | Xbox Official Website

There were rumors that Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox will feature deep integration with a user’s television and cable service. Because of this, it is expected that the so-called Xbox 720 will be built on the “living room hub” initiative that was started by Xbox 360.

Expected Next-Gen Xbox Features

There were claims that Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox will be able to take signal from a user’s cable box using HDMI. The console can also overlay an Xbox user interface on an existing TV channel content, and then produce a high-definition output. Because of Microsoft’s partnership with content providers, the highly anticipated gaming system is believed to bring in greater functionality than Google TV and other available options in the market.

Aside from the Xbox UI overlays, that console will feature deep Kinect 3D camera system integration. The next-generation Kinect is said to be capable of distinguishing multiple users, as well as track eye movement to pause content when a user looks away.

However, there were speculations that Xbox 720 will require persistent Internet connection in order to access these features. This goes in line with recent reports from various gaming sites that the console will need an always-on connection. In relation to this, industry pundits believe such a connection was designed to combat piracy, although it could also be meant to access entertainment content.

The Xbox 720 is expected to be announced at an Xbox event next month. However, this detail is yet to be confirmed.

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