College Humor Asks, “What Kind of Beer Drinker Are You?”

Throughout your many, and wonderful, years of drinking at college frat parties, bars, social gatherings or tastings, you’re bound to come across a variety of stereotypical beer drinkers.

There’s the people that will drink any kind of brew, as long as it gets them drunk, the snobby elitists, the person that sticks to only one brand or the dude that will try out any sort of suds at least once. To emphasize this point, Nathan Yaffe, over at College Humor, created a perfect flowchart to illustrate the different types of beer consumers out there.

While the infographic may exaggerate just a little bit, it’s pretty darn accurate, and hilarious at that.


Illustration by Nathan Yaffe for College Humor

So, after checking out the chart, what kind of beer drinker are you?

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