Touch-Enabled “Smart Watch” from Microsoft, in the Works?

Microsoft's SPOT Display Window | Wikipedia

Microsoft’s SPOT Display Window | Wikipedia

Amidst the rumors of “smart watch” products coming from Apple and Samsung, it appears that Microsoft is also working on the same device with designs of its own.

In a report posted by The Wall Street Journal, the software giant is designing a touch-enabled “watch style” product. In relation to this, the company requested shipment of 1.5-inch displays earlier this year from their Asian suppliers. The said displays will be used for internal testing.

It is a note worth taking that the said product would be Microsoft’s second attempt for the smart watch initiative. The first one was in 2004, wherein the company offered an offshoot of their Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT) platform with watchmakers such as Fossil, Suunto, and Swatch.

The SPOT platform was eventually adopted in a wider range of electronic devices like GPS units. For $59 per year, it has the capabilities to sent weather, traffic, and other data from an MSN Direct server to devices via FM radio broadcasts. The SPOT-enabled smart watches were offered until 2008.

Other than that, nothing much has been said about the rumored device. It is also unknown whether the touch-enabled smart watch will ever move out of the prototyping stage.

Smart Watch and 7-inch Surface Tablet

With the latest Microsoft news, it appears that the company is expanding its first-party computer hardware offerings. Perhaps they are building on the moderate success of the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, which have combined sales of 1.5 million units.

In addition, there were claims that the software giant is gearing up a 7-inch Surface tablet. That is in order to cash in on the growing popularity of small-form factor tablets like the iPad Mini.

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