Samsung Build Quality versus iPhone and HTC One

Samsung Galaxy S4 | Official Website

Samsung Galaxy S4 | Official Website

Although Samsung has been defending the build quality of their latest flagship smartphone, Galaxy S4, in public, it was said that the company is “worried” internally about their product line when compared to Apple’s iPhone and HTC’s One.

Samsung Galaxy S4’s Build Quality vs. Apple’s iPhone and HTC One

There were rumors that the South Korean tech giant is considering switching to higher-quality materials for their flagship devices. This is largely in response to the popular build quality of competing devices such as Apple’s iPhone 5 and HTC One.

It is also believed that a shift in materials could take place as early as this fall, in time with the release of Galaxy Note III. However, there were no words yet on the specific build materials that will be used of much-awaited Samsung phablet. But one thing is for sure: The upcoming Galaxy Note III will mark a considerable flight in terms of design from other Galaxy devices.

Meanwhile, Samsung executives tried to parry any potential disappointment with the Galaxy S4’s design prior to its launch last month. They’ve pointed out that the plastic chassis enables manufacturability while retaining a premium feel. In fact, the company’s American Design Chief Dennis Miloseski downplayed the importance of materials, saying that Samsung is more focused on software experience development that would make their devices “life companions.”

But despite boasting the handset’s internal technology and software suite, the decision to stick with a plastic body led to a somewhat underwhelming response from industry watchers. That’s because they saw that the Galaxy S4’s construction is “no match” against iPhone 5 and HTC One’s aluminum unibody build.

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