7 Coolers and Koozies to Keep You, and Your Beer, Cool This Summer

There’s nothing like sipping on an ice cold beer on a hot summer day, or night. But, if your drink of choice isn’t cold enough to freeze your hand, it’s just not as refreshing. Thankfully, there are refrigerators and coolers aplenty to solve that problem. But, they may not always be at hand to cool down your brew.

What if you’re outside tailgating before a baseball game, enjoying a barbeque or relaxing at the beach? Sure, you could go out, get some ice and any average cooler nearby. Or, you can stand out and pick up one of the seven following coolers or koozies. Not only will they keep your brew at an Arctic-like temperature, they’re going to make you look pretty cool as well.


The Cozycooler may not be the sharpest-looking cooler on the market, but it does element the need for ice. The cooler comes with two specially shaped freeze packs, which you keep in the freezer until you’re ready to head out. It fits either a six-pack of longnecks or a twelve-pack of cans that are kept in place be the shape of the freeze packs. A neat little cooler for the beach or tailgating when there’s a smaller group of people.

Bum Bag Drink Cooler


Yanko Design

Most places don’t allow open containers, which is why people attempt to conceal their alcoholic beverage, presumably and most notably bums. But, this koozie isn’t making a statement or mocking the homeless by looking like a brown paper bag, because it’s also a cooler. It’s made from water-resistant & tear-proof Tyvek, so this koozie will keep your brew cool either after leaving the liquor store or once it’s out of the fridge or cooler.

Kegzie Beverage Cooler



Replace all of your old and boring kozies with the Kegzie. It does the same thing as a regular koozie, it just looks like a keg instead. Plus, the raised rings give it an excellent grip. Definitely a perfect item to keep your beer in once it’s out of the fridge or cooler.

RC Cooler

Did you ever wish that your beer could just come to you? Well, the RC Cooler takes advantage of your laziness. It holds a 12-pack and is controlled by a remote. The RC Cooler works both indoors and outdoors, and completely collapses for easy storage. It also features a zippered lid that keeps the cold in.

Shoot A Brew

Here’s another cooler that takes full advantage of your laziness, except this thing is far more entertaining. It’s like a regular cooler, fill it up with 24 beers and add ice. But with a remote control, the cooler literally shoots you a fresh brew up to eight feet away. There’s no way that the Shoot A Brew cooler would not be a hit wherever you end up this summer.

Chill Puck

The Chill Puck is a two-part device that delivers a constant cooling system to an entire can of beer that resembles a coaster. It keeps the can nice and cold without covering it completely. Best of all, it’s small, compact and enhances your drinking by keeping beverages frosty. Another perfect accessory for your outdoor drinking.

Yeti Tundra Coolers


Yeti Coolers

If you want a cooler that’s a bit more conservative, then go all out and grab a Yeti. This is one tough cooler that’s built to last, and keep your cargo ice-cold. This cooler has thicker walls than most other coolers, more than twice the insulation and a full-frame gasket. In short. It’s a beast that will deliver you an ice-cold beer each and every time.

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