Apple vs. Samsung: A Price War in India Begins

Topographical Map of India | Wikipedia

Topographical Map of India | Wikipedia

It appears that a price war is breaking out in India, as Apple and Samsung hand out discounts on their smartphones. That is in order to draw customers in on the world’s largest developing smartphone market.

The price struggle between the two companies gained traction when Apple decided to give discounts to any customers who will trade in their older handset for an iPhone 4. Because of this, customers are receiving cash discounts of at least 7,000 rupees or $128.

It was countered by Samsung, which offers 15 percent cash back for those who will buy Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Grand, or Galaxy tablet. This offer goes in line with their previous promo, which enables customers to buy the said Android devices on a 12-month, interest-free installment plan.

Low-Cost iPhone in India 

India is the world’s second-most populous country. Meaning, it represents a tremendous market opportunity for both Apple and Samsung. In fact, the Cupertino-based company is now in second place when it comes to the Indian smartphone market. But that’s still a long race to reach Samsung, which holds 38.8 percent of the market.

Apple’s pricing is considered an obstacle, since network providers in India do not subsidize the cost of smartphones. Due to this, industry pundits are expecting that the iPhone maker will address the issue by introducing a low-cost iPhone.

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