Woman Finds the Rarest Nintendo Game at Goodwill

Save Point Video Games/Facebook

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

A lady walks into a thrift shop, spots a priceless vintage video game and pays just eight bucks for it. Sounds like something that should be on some sort of reality show, right? But this really happened.

A woman in North Carolina recently popped into a local Goodwill and came across the rarest Nintendo video game ever released. This holy grail of video games was ‘Stadium Events’.

Bandai released the game in 1987, which was their first title for the NES. However, it was recalled and replaced by Nintendo’s ‘World Class Track Meet’. Because of the recall, almost every copy of ‘Stadium Events’ was pulled from the shelves and destroyed. There were only a handful of fortunate people that were able to pick up a copy.

One of these lucky people must have been oblivious about the gem that they had in their possession and donated it to Goodwill because the last known copy of this game sold on eBay for almost $12k.

According the Save Point Video Games Facebook Page:

This game in this condition can go for 15k+. I nearly fainted and was too dazzled to make a legitimate offer. She will be getting it VGA graded and you might see it on eBay sometime soon. Im humbled to have even laid hands on it. Don’t lose hope game hunters, the gems are still out there!”

So, there you go gamers. If you’re looking to get your hands on the rarest NES game out there, you better start putting some cash away.

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