Volkswagen to Unveil iBeetle at Auto China 2013

Volkswagen iBeetle with iPhone Dock | Volkswagen

Volkswagen iBeetle with iPhone Dock | Volkswagen

This week, Volkswagen will show off a new iPhone app that will be used with their Beetle model. Together with it is a new dock that will put the iPhone at the top of the car’s dashboard.

Meet the Volkswagen’s iBeetle

It appears that the rumors about Volkswagen and Apple collaborating on an iCar will come to fruition this week. That’s because the German automaker will took the wraps off of their iBeetle at Auto China 2013.

To be available in 2014 in hardtop or convertible form, the iBeetle consists of a special-edition Beetle, new iPhone dock, and Volkswagen iPhone app. In relation to this, the special-edition Beetle will feature iPhone-inspired color schemes and unique wheels.

iBeetle’s iPhone Dock and Volkswagen iPhone App

The iBeetle’s iPhone dock is at the center top of the dashboard. According to Volkswagen’s press release, all iPhone functions can be used in the Bettle such as navigation, making hands-free call, listening to music and many more. However, it seems that these iPhone functions have more to do with the dock placement within the Beetle’s cabin electronics.

On the other hand, there were reports about the Volkswagen iPhone app, which features Beetle integration. It is believed to allow users to take advantage of the car’s interface to control the app’s functions. These functions include Spotify, reading Facebook updates and incoming texts out loud, and sending current location with map graphic to friends.

It also has useful driving functions that let drivers compare various commute routes, a G-meter, and data gathering system that gets information from the car such as coolant and oil temperature.


Volkswagen’s iBeetle will be the revealed at the Auto China 2013 in Shanghai, but the worldwide popularity of Apple’s iPhone and the Beetle model will make it more likely for the upcoming car to be available and sold in other markets.

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