’10 Ways Alcohol is Shaping Our Future’ Infographic

Most of us like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time. And, for the responsible adults out there who do partake in the occasional drink, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, as we should be aware, there is a dark side to alcohol.

If abused, alcohol can have negative consequences for an individual. These serious repercussions can include the person’s health, employment status, and relationships with friends and family. Whether that person is aware of these consequences or not, alcohol abuse can also affect society with deadly actions like drunk driving.

Most importantly, children can also be heavily influenced and affected by alcohol. In a culture where alcohol is so common, children live in a household with at least one parent who is dependent on or has abused alcohol. And, even more shocking, there over 10,000 individuals under age 21 who drink on a daily basis.

To further illustrate this point of alcohol’s dark side, the people over at Duffy’s Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Calistoga, California have created an infographic that shows the “10 Ways Alcohol is Shaping our Future”.

So the next time you crack open a beer or sip on a cocktail, just take this graph in consideration and remember that abusing alcohol just doesn’t affect your life, but also everyone else in the world.

Source: Pinfographics 

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