Grant Theft Auto V Footage Appears Online

Grand Theft Auto V Logo | Official Video

Grand Theft Auto V Logo | Official Video

A few days ago, a Twitter feed called Epsilon Program started tweeting things that has something to do with Grand Theft Auto V. As it turns out, the Twitter feed is a marketing ploy for the said game, which is reminiscent of the websites regarding GTA IV.

The Epsilon Program website features loads of fun facts like the age of the world (it is 157 years old). While most people didn’t take it as anything serious, it then posted a “screensaver” that contains footage of the GTA V  environment.

It appears that the footage gives players an in-depth look at some of the landscapes that can be found on GTA V, as well as some of the weather effects.


Although the path of this marketing strategy is unknown, this makes the upcoming game quite interesting. After all, GTA V is only five months away.

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