The Art of Beer Infographic

It’s no secret that we here at AMOG enjoy beer. But, as we attempt to try out and discover new brews, it’s sometimes a challenge to sit down and analyze a beer. After all, when tasting a beer for the first time, there’s much more than just saying “it’s good” or “it’s crap.” You have to consider the color, the aroma and smell, just to name a few. It can be lot to take in when you just want to relax and sip on a cold one. If only someone could come up with a handy illustration to remind us of the aspects of beer.

Oh, wait. Someone was already on top of that.

Ian Vicknair has created a nice infographic entitled “The Art of Beer,” which illustrates the popularity of beer in the world, the kinds of grains that are used, the elements used to describe a beer, and the color of specific types of beers.


Ivan Vicknair Flckr

This is a great illustration that is perfect for brewski newbies or even someone who has been throwing back suds for years. Well done, Mr. Vicknair. Hopefully you’ll come up with something just as interesting the next time around.

Image via Pinfographics

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