BeagleBone Black: Now Available at $45

BeagleBone Black Board Computer | BeagleBoard Official Website

BeagleBone Black Board Computer | BeagleBoard Official Website

BeagleBoard announced their latest single-board computer, the BeagleBone Black, last Tuesday. Aside from offering more power, it is also available for only half the price of its predecessor at $45.

Its price, including the memory upgrades and the processor, makes the unit competitive with the Raspberry Pi models. In addition, BeagleBone enthusiast Matt Richardson of Brooklyn, N.Y. believes that the new pricing would take away the users’ with regards to swapping computers between projects.

You’d have to take a board out of project because you couldn’t afford to have three or four boards. Now that the price is getting lower, you can dedicate boards to single projects.

Richardson also added that users no longer need to worry about mistakes.

When the boards were more expensive, it takes away the fearlessness. If you’ve got a $100 board, you might be afraid to do some things with it because if you fry it, there goes $100. When you’ve got a cheap board, you feel more adventurous when it comes to experimenting with it.

Inside the BeagleBone Black

The BeagleBone Black single-board computer is based on the 1 GHz Sitara AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 processor. It also has 2 GB of on-board storage 512 MB of DDR3 RAM, and USB cable to power the board.

What’s cool about this is that the USB, Ethernet, and HDMI interfaces allow the board computer to connect to various devices such as a mouse, keyboard or LCD display. There are also the expansion headers, which include 65 digital I/Os, seven analog inputs, and access to a wide array of analog and digital peripherals.

Aside from that, the BeagleBone Black is an open-source hardware. This means its hardware designs can be commercially applied without worrying about licensing fees.

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