Apple Working on “New Product Categories”

Apple TV | Apple Official Website

Apple TV | Apple Official Website

With the success of Apple’s iPhone and iPad, CEO Tim Cook hinted that the company will introduce “exciting new product categories” starting this fall until the end of 2014. However, Cook didn’t provide details with regards to what’s in the pipeline.

Guessing Game for Next Apple Product Continues

Although it sounds good news that the Cupertino-based company is working on a new product category, guessing what’s next is a tough game.

There were claims that the new product category might bring in “Apple experience” to the living room through new entertainment devices like the Apple TV. There were also rumors about an Apple car and Apple refrigerator.

In relation to this, it was reported that Apple is working on the Mac Pro workstation/server successor, but that would be a new category. There were also talks about an Apple smart wristwatch, but smart watches already exist.

Nevertheless, a new product category is imperative in order for the iPhone maker to propel continued growth in the future. It should be recalled that Apple reported a rare drop in earnings for its second quarter during their quarterly earnings call last Tuesday. The company gained $9.5 billion, a drop from $11.6 billion in the previous year.

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