Apple Unlikely to Produce iPad Mini Retina Display by October

Apple's iPad Mini | Apple Official Website

Apple’s iPad Mini | Apple Official Website

KGI Securities’ Ming-chi Kuo stated in a research note that yield issues will preempt Apple’s production for the second-generation iPad Mini with Retina Display until October. He even pointed out apparent production issues regarding cramming enough pixels on a 7.9-inch screen in order to make it a Retina Display.

Low-Cost iPad Mini

Due to this, Kuo suggested that Apple might introduce a low-cost iPad Mini to boost their tablet sales and fend off competing manufacturers. He also expects that a more affordable iPad Mini will be priced between $199 and $249.

According to Kuo, there are a number of ways that Apple can reduce the cost of manufacturing an iPad Mini. This includes removing the rear camera, reducing the tablet’s internal storage to 8 GB, simplified production of metal casing, or using an advanced process of building an A5 processor.

Apple’s Fifth-Generation iPad

With regards to the regular-sized iPad, the analyst expects Apple to release a fifth-generation iPad this fall. However, its redesigned frame will be quite similar to the iPad Mini. Still, it won’t be much of a big help in boosting Apple’s tablet sales, since it won’t offer a different user experience from the iPad Mini. As stated by Kuo:

We think Apple will stay competitive in the tablet market over the long term as it releases new exciting products. But with product launches pushed back and competition getting fiercer, Apple and the iPad supply chain will have to wait until (the fourth quarter of calendar 2013) for significant growth.

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