Smartphone Sales Boost Samsung’s Profits to 42%

Samsung Galaxy S4 | Official Website

Samsung Galaxy S4 | Official Website

Last Friday, Samsung reported that their net profit saw a 42 percent increase year-over-year during the March 2013 quarter due to their smartphone division. Sales for the quarter also saw an increase of up to 17 percent. Almost three-fourths of the company’s revenue came from its smartphone division, which is also responsible for tablets, personal computers, and cameras.

Although Samsung does not show a breakdown of its smartphone sales, a recent data released by IDC estimates that the company has shipped a total of 70.7 million smartphones during the first quarter of the year.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 and Sales Boost

This is the sixth consecutive quarter that Samsung has seen profit growth. It also came in before the South Korean tech giant is set to roll out the Galaxy S4.

Furthermore, it is expected that Samsung will see a boost in sales this quarter with the launch of their next-generation flagship smartphone. However, there were claims that the company has seen apparent production issues that cause delayed launch in US carriers Sprint and T-Mobile.

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