Make Facebook Friends with Budweiser’s Buddy Cup

Buddy Cup Technology | Budweiser

Buddy Cup Technology | Budweiser

Budweiser is working on a technology that would make it easier for their consumers to make Facebook Friends while drinking beer. The company’s Brazilian development team came up with the Buddy Cup, a beer glass with embedded chip.

How Budweiser Buddy Cup Works

When two Buddy Cups are clinked together, it will automatically send a friend request to the user’s Facebook profile. In an email sent by Manuel Rangel Machiavello of Budweiser Brazil, he stated:

Budweiser loves to share in great times with our fans. The Buddy Cup brings together the in-bar experience with Facebook, the most used social media channel for our consumers.

Budweiser added that users will scan a bar code on the bottom of the cup. Then they will provide their Facebook profile information in order to connect the cup to their accounts.

What Lies Ahead for Budweiser Buddy Cup?

It remains to be seen whether the Buddy Cup will make it to the mainstream, but Budweiser has high hopes about it. According to Machiavello:

We did a first pilot event here in Sao Paulo to test the prototype. It was an instant success and we had the chance to register users’ as well. Lots of friends were made that night. Based on the positive reactions, we are looking at taking this to bigger events in future.

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