Now Everyone Can Help Themselves to Twitter’s Self-Service Ads

Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts on Twitter | Official Blog

Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts on Twitter | Official Blog

In an official blog posted last Tuesday, Twitter announced that they will be expanding their self-service advertising platform to all businesses in the US. First opened in March 2012 to American Express cardholders and merchants, Twitter Revenue Product Manager Ravi Narasimhan stated that the service’s invite-only period has ended. In relation to this, signups for their self-service platform is now open to all users in the United States.

Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts

The core of Twitter’s self-service ad platform is the Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. The Promoted Tweets are designed to help businesses amplify their tweets, while Promoted Accounts enables a user to gain new followers.

Promoted Tweets are priced on a “cost-per-engagement” basis. This means that the company will pay Twitter only when a user retweets, replies, or favorites a promoted tweet. Moreover, the micro-blogging social network uses engagement signals to place a promoted tweet in Twitter feeds of particular users.

In relation to this, Twitter announced a new Promoted Tweets two weeks ago, wherein a promoted tweet can be placed on a user’s timeline based on specific keywords within tweets.

On the other hand, Promoted Accounts appears on the user’s “Who to Follow” section. This is done based on Twitter’s check on the company’s current followers and search for people with the same interests. Enterprises will then pay the micro-blogging site when someone follows their account through the Platform.


It appears that Twitter is boosting their advertising features for the past year, as the social networking site is facing pressure to further monetize their service. There were also growing rumors regarding the site’s eventual IPO.

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