Latest Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Spats Apple’s iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad - Graduation Pool Party | YouTube

Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad – Graduation Pool Party | YouTube

Samsung recently released a commercial for their Galaxy S4, setting its sights on the “inadequacies” of Apple’s iPhone once again. Dubbed as Graduation Pool Party, the TV spot tries to portray Apple’s flagship smartphone as a relic. Meanwhile, Samsung tries to showcase the prowess of their Galaxy S4.

This includes the Air Wave, which allows users to answer a phone call with a wave of a hand. There’s also the S Beam file transfer protocol that lets the owner share a file instantly by just touching one Galaxy S4 to another. Another is the S4 Drama Shot that captures consecutive images of a moving scene and then form it in an action sequence in a single frame. The commercial also showed the smartphone’s remote control capabilities.


Samsung’s latest commercial for the Galaxy S4 may not be as churlish as the previous TV ads, it still smacks of elitism, which the South Korean tech giant is trying its best to achieve based on the latest US smartphone statistics.

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