Strange Brew: The 12 Most Unusual Beers of All Time

Beer could be 10,000 years old. And, during this time, our favorite drink has mainly been composed out of four ingredients: water, hops, grain, and yeast.

But, despite the success and popularity of beer, brewers aren’t satisfied with the status quo. In recent years brewers have been producing brews that have used unusual ingredients. We’re talking anything from fruit to our favorite food to animal by-products. Some may have become a tasty treat, while others should only be served to dish out a cruel and unjust punishment.

There’s a lot of odd beers out there, but here are the twelve strangest beers of all time.

12. Belvoir Brewery: The Blue Brew brew homegk-is-93

Belvoir Brewery

There are two things that make every meal better. Cheese and beer. So, why not mix them together? That’s what Belvoir Brewery did when they released the Blue Brew. The beers consists of blue Stilton cheese and was made after mixing 25% Stilton whey with 75% fresh wort. The result was a 4.2% ABV beer with delicate flavors and a smooth, creamy texture.

11. Willoughby Brewing Company: Peanut Butter Cup Coffee Porter

Willoughby Brewing Company/Facebook

This small Ohio brewhub created one interesting beer after it infused a robust porter with roasted coffee, peanut butter, and chocolate flavor. This coffee porter has a 5.5% ABV and some say that it tastes more like coffee than peanut butter, and vice versa. Regardless, it’s a unique combination.

10. Uncommon Brewers: Bacon Brown Ale

Uncommon Brewers/Facebook

When you name your brewery Uncommon Brewers, it’s expected that you’re going to create something out of the ordinary. The Santa Cruz brewery combined two of man’s favorite treats, bacon and beer. This is a West Coast Nut Brown Ale brewed with toasted buckwheat and bacon-cured pork, obviously, with an ABV of 6.8%.

9. Crazy Ed’s Cave Creek Chili Beer

Cave Creek Chili Beer/Facebook

By all accounts, this “beer” hailing from Arizona is just plain terrible. Its claim to fame, however, is that there is an actual entire chili pepper inside every bottle of this yellow-colored novelty drink.

8. Boza


Wikimedia Commons

This malt made from corn and wheat is a popular fermented beverage in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, parts of Romania, Serbia, Ukraine. It’s rumored that Boza has the ability to enlarge women’s breasts because it produces lactic acid.

7. Freetail Brewing Company: Spirulina Wit

Freetail Brewing Company/Facebook

The Freetail Brewing Co. in San Antonio came up with the perfect St. Patty’s Day beer, since it’s actually green in color. So, how did the experimental brewery develop a brew that is green? They took a Rye Wit and incorporated the vitamin-rich, blue-green algae into it. The addition of the algae not only adds notes of delicious tropical fruit, it’s also also good for you.

6. Mama Mia! Pizza Beer

Pizza Beer Company/Facebook

The people at the Pizza Beer Company in Illinois decided to combine another two items that we love. Pizza and beer. If you’re wondering how they got a beer to taste like pizza, it’s simple. They begin by straining an actual mashed-up Margherita pizza and then filter it with the regular beer ingredients. It’s an idea that sounds great when you’re plastered, but ‘not-so-much’ when it’s poured into a glass right in front of you.

5. BrewDog: The End of History



This 55% ABV, yes you read that correctly, is one of the strongest beers in the world. While the ingredients of this Blond Belgian Ale aren’t that unusual, nettles from the Scottish Highlands and Fresh juniper berries, it’s the packaging that leaves us scratching our heads. Each bottle is placed inside in a stuffed stoat or grey squirrel. Don’t worry though, the squirrels were roadkill, so no need to call up PETA on BrewDog.

4. Coast Brewing Company: Bulls Bay Oyster

Coast Brewing Company/Facebook

The Charleston, SC brewery created a smooth and roasty Irish dry stout that has been brewed with real oysters. It’s a moderate 5.80% ABV and is said to be actually a tasty brew, despite the unusual ingredient.

3. Wynkoop Brewing Company: Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout

Wynkoop Brewing Company/Facebook

This beer began as an April Fool’s Day joke and became a reality during the 2012 Great American Beer Festival. The Denver brewery used Colorado base malts, roasted barley, seven specialty malts, Styrian Goldings hops, and 25 pounds of freshly sliced and roasted bull testicles (don’t blink, they’re serious) to make this strange stout. It’s a rich brown/black color that contains flavors like chocolate, espresso, and nuts with a 7.5% ABV and 3 BPBs. (That’s balls per barrel.)

2. Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel


This brew from Denmark is one of the most unique and interesting beers you’ll ever taste. It’s a jet black Imperial oatmeal stout brewed with coffee. It’s rich, but is also an enjoyable sipping beer. So, what makes it so unusual? It’s also brewed with Kopi Luwak, a.k.a. civet coffee, which is the after-product of the Asian palm civet digesting ripe coffee cherries. In short, the droppings of the weasel-like civet cat from Indonesia are used to make this beer.

1. Sankt Gallen Brewery: Un Kono Kuro

Strange or What

What’s the deal with brewers using animal crap to make beer? The most recent example, is the Un, Kono Kuro from Japan, which is a pun on the Japanese word for “crap”. This coffee stout is made out of coffee beans that have been popped out by Thai elephants. Apparently, it has a “mellow body” with an intense “afterglow,” and is a “combination of bitter and sweet” that leaves the body “saturated with that warm scent” after imbibing. Despite what we may think of this brew, it sold out within minutes of going on sale on April Fools’ Day.

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