What’s This? An iPhone Case That You Can Eat?


If the time ever came that you found yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, it’s a safe bet that once the battery went out on your precious iPhone 5, it’d be useless. But what if your iPhone case was edible?

We’re guessing that was the idea when a middle-aged Japanese senbei artisan named Mariko unveiled the “Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Case,” which embraces the love of cuisine and tech in Japanese culture.

Each case, which resembles a Rice Krispies treat, is handmade out of brown rice and salt by Mariko. Because these cases are handmade, Mariko can only produce three of them a day, which probably justifies the $66 price tag.


So, how durable are these edible iPhone 5 cases?

Well, they don’t offer much protection at all. Come on. They’re made from rice after all. In fact, there’s a possibility that the case will break while getting shipped to your front door.

The “Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Case” is just a tongue-in-cheek product that is catering to fans of shows like “The Walking Dead,” so it’s not actually meant to protect your phone if dropped. As for eating the case? Sure. I guess you could eat this case if you were in a pinch. But, we’re kinda grossed out by the thought of eating something that has greasy fingerprints and pocket lint all over it.

The idea is different, and a bit cool. But, we can’t just bring ourselves to dishing out the $66, plus $12 shipping, for a product that is a joke. Especially when the gag gift could break during delivery. However, when the edible iPhone case debuted last fall, it sold out. So, there must be a lot of people that are liking the concept.

You can order the “Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone 5 Case” here in the States via Japan Trend Shop.

Images via Japan Trend Shop

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