Trollface Hack Attacks PlayStation 3?

Trollface Hack Attack by neoxthexone | PlayStation Universe

Trollface Hack Attack by neoxthexone | PlayStation Universe

A member of PlayStation Universe community, neoxthexone, posted a thread on the gaming website’s official forum, wondering whether a trollface hack attacked PlayStation 3.

It appears that the user is being trolled. Based on his forum post, he just found out that his actual avatar picture—which is of Nathan Drake—was replaced by a chopped-up version of the famous Internet trollface.

Since it is less likely for Sony to use a trollface as a back-up image in case an avatar fails to load, it is unknown whether this is a glitch or a hack attempt. It also appears that the company is unaware of this issue. Moreover, the user was only advised to change his account’s associated e-mail address and password.

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