The InstaKick is a Smartphone Stand With a Bottle Opener



Are you searching for a stand for your iPhone, iPad or any type smartphone? If so, you can stop your searching right now.

There’s a Kickstarter campaign for a product called the InstaKick, which is a titanium kickstand that plugs into your phone’s audio jack. The InstaKick was designed by Scott Snell and Rob Everest and comes in five vibrant colors (anodized silver, jet black, pink, blue, or green). The curved metal design allows you to tilt your device of choice in any landscape viewing angle, and it’s even strong enough for you to type and swipe while hooked up.

The InstaKick is also small enough that you can take it with you wherever you go by just placing it in your pocket, purse, or key-chain. But, the absolute best part of this stand is that it doubles as a bottle opener. Now there’s no excuse to ever be without an opener.

The designers created the InstaKick by using 3D modeling software, now they need $10,000 to make the idea a reality. If enough money is raised they can begin production and start shipping in September to Kickstarter backers.

This is a cool little product that deserves to go into production. You should definitely back this project. As of now, they’ve raised $6,426. It would be a shame not to reach the $10,000 goal when it’s so close.


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