iTunes for Windows 8, Anyone?

iTunes on iOS Devices | Apple Official Website

iTunes on iOS Devices | Apple Official Website

Microsoft expressed their interest in bringing Apple’s iTunes to their Windows 8 “Metro UI” platform. However, the company pointed out that it won’t be touch-friendly. In relation to this, Apple doesn’t appear to be keen on developing a Metro UI version of their iTunes.

The Hiccups of iTunes on Windows

Apple’s iTunes is available for Windows 8, but the lack of its Modern UI version will make it more difficult for tablet users to navigate. This also means that those who own a Windows RT-based device won’t be able to use the software, as it does not run any non-Microsoft desktop applications.

In the past, the Cupertino-based company had ported its popular Mac apps to Microsoft Windows, since it’s popular on desktop computers. However, Apple is king when it comes to the tablet segment. They are taking much of its market share, that they can ignore the Windows 8 platform and see no ill effects.

As of the moment, Windows 8 has more than 60,000 app, while users have downloaded about 250 million apps in total. The Redmonton giant aims to have Windows 8 versions for all of the most popular apps on iTunes by the holiday season.

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