Amazon Launches Cloud Drive Photos for iOS

Amazon's Cloud Drive Photos for iOS | Apple App Store

Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos for iOS | Apple App Store

Last Friday, Amazon released their Cloud Drive Photos app for iOS. It brings in 5 GB of free cloud storage, and it’s basically designed to compete against Apple’s iCloud-based Photo Stream service.

More About Amazon’s ‘Cloud Drive Photos for iOS’

Similar to Apple’s Photo Stream, images will be uploaded to Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos. This can be accessed on the iOS device’s camera roll or through an OS X app available on the online retailer’s website.

Although the app’s operation is not as seamless as Apple, it offers an automated mode that could almost replicate the Photos, iPhoto and iCloud experience. It will initially ask to access a user’s camera roll, and then it will upload new photos as they are added. There are also manual options available such as backing up a user’s entire camera roll or just selecting photos. It also supports sharing via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

What makes Amazon’s Cloud Drive Photos is cool is that it allows users to upload 2,000 images with no time limit. They also offer three subscription tiers: 20 GB ($10 a year), 50 GB ($25 a year), and 100 GB ($50 a year). Amazon Cloud Drive Photos for iOS is now available on the Apple App Store as a free download.

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