In Ireland, Cheese-and-Onion Chocolate Bars are All the Rage


Taste Ireland/Facebook

If you’re a world traveler, then you know very well that people have different taste buds in different parts of the world. Even when it comes to common products offered by food companies.

For example, caviar and crab-flavored Lay’s potato chips are popular in Russia. In China, Oreos are stuffed with mango and orange cream. And in Spain, Kellogg’s All-Bran cereal is favored in hot coffee instead of cold milk. But, how about a cheese-and-onion chocolate bar?

Over in Ireland, potato chip brand Tayto has launched such a product. But, why would the chip company create such an unusual chocolate bar?

It turns out that that’s what consumers wanted. According to the Irish Examiner, Ray Coyle, founder of Largo Foods, stated:

“This limited-edition Tayto product is on the shelves today because people have been asking us for it. It’s a bit of fun, you will either love it or hate it, but our consumers asked for it and we said why not. There are only 100,000 bars in circulation and it is now on the market because of people power — no doubt about it.”

And, get this, the 100,000 bars have already sold out. Word even spread down under and 24 of these bars were sent to Australia by Taste Ireland. Taste Ireland CEO, Eamon Eastwood, opted to raffle them off in a Facebook campaign. And, the result? “I couldn’t believe the reaction, it went off the Richter Scale with almost half a million impressions,” said Eastwood.

Eastwood went on to describe the new product.

“It’s an unusual taste – crunchy chocolate and then a lingering taste of cheese of onion”

It’s not surprising that these cheese-and-onion chocolate bars would divide people across social media:

   @bfdetiger wrote on Twitter: ‘Just had my first taste of the Tayto (cheese and onion crisp) Chocolate Bar, very nice actually :)’

However, there were others who didn’t care for the taste.

  @ErnieNinja added: ‘In Ireland they made a chocolate bar cheese and onion flavoured! I just lost my appetite.’

  @PhelanNick wrote: ‘Just tasted Tayto chocolate bar. One word – vile.’

Have you had the new Tayto chocolate bar? If so, tell us your thoughts. If you haven’t had this treat, would you be willing to give it a try? Regardless of the mixed response, we’re definitely curious.

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