Sony Hacker Smashes Computer to Escape Prosecution

PlayStation Network UK | Official Website

PlayStation Network UK | Official Website

Todd M. Miller, 23, of Columbus, Ohio tried to avoid getting penalized for a cyber crime by smashing his computers and making sure his hard drives were destroyed.

Miller was sentenced last Thursday for a year of house arrest for obstructing federal investigation and stymieing FBI’s checking over the Sony PlayStation Network hack. Aside from this, he was also sentenced to a three-year probation, and was ordered to get his high-school equivalence certificate.

Miller was a member of the KCUF hacking group. It was founded in 2008 and is said to be responsible for attacks on Sony’s servers. The Sony PlayStation Network hack caused the network to go offline in April 2011.

It was soon revealed that the breach enabled the hackers to access personal user data like credit card information. Because of this, the company was fined over $300,000 by the Information Commissioner’s Office of the United Kingdom for breaching their Data Protection Act.

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