What Lies Ahead for Macintosh?

Apple's iMac and MacBook Air | Official Website

Apple’s iMac and MacBook Air | Official Website

According to International Data Corporation, global PC sales declined 14 percent in the first quarter of 2013. Despite that, Apple’s Mac business is considered as the only PC maker left that isn’t losing sales against the iPad. Still, Mac’s sales volume is relatively minimal compared to iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

Macs vs. iOS Devices

It’s a no-brainer why Apple is focusing on mobile devices. That’s because that’s where the money is.

When the iPod was released at the start of 2001, the company reported winter quarter sales of just 659,000 Macs. Due to the success of the iPod, industry watchers speculated that Apple would eventually drop the Mac and just sell iPod products. However, they used Mac technologies to develop an iPod successor.

Then just last week, Apple announced Mac sales of just under 4 million. That is a far cry from 57 million iOS devices sold.

Mac Pro: A Fraction of a Fraction

Due to this, the Mac Pro made such a small percentage of Apple Mac sales, and it hasn’t received significant update since 2010. Its sales in Europe even ceased entirely because existing design no longer meets stringent manufacturing standards in the region.

Apple’s power users are often still seeking more computing power than a notebook could deliver. Instead of beefing up the iMac to accommodate its core users, the company made it thin and stylish last fall.

This left an open place for a future Mac Pro despite a small demographic. Because of this, Apple can choose between broadening the appeal of a desktop computer or provide a high-end workstation.

The Need for a New Mac Pro

Mac Pro provided cutting-edge speed, and even became Apple’s server offering when the Xserve was discontinued. And because of the rapid adoption of iOS devices, the company now has a better opportunity to enter the market of high-end workstations—even if it’s not growing tremendously.

The Cupertino-based company can bring in solution for easy mobile deployments through iOS and high-end workstations in the Mac Pro. What Apple needs is to improve on its deployments tools. Nevertheless, it has a solution that works for both Macs and iOS devices.

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