Sony Trolls Next-Gen Xbox With Their PS4 Ads

Sony PlayStation 3 | Wikipedia

Sony PlayStation 3 | Wikipedia

Although console wars are nothing new in the gaming industry, the next-generation PS4 and Xbox will make it bloodier this. Both consoles are expected to hit the stores this holiday season.

Due to this, Sony started hyping up their PlayStation 4, announced and teased upcoming games, and took over a whole issue of Game Informer over the past weeks. As if that’s not enough building up, they released a video teaser of the PS4’s design to take the spotlight from Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox.

This is the same strategy that Sony did against Nintendo and Microsoft prior to PlayStation Meeting. The said event will stage the announcement of the PS4. This time, though, they are focusing their advertising efforts on the Xbox Event.

Do you think Sony is being smart and funny with this kind of marketing strategy? Sound off your comments below.

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