Ericsson Announces New Network Software for Better Mobile Internet Connection

Former LM Ericsson Headquarters, Telefonplan, Stockholm | Wikipedia

Former LM Ericsson Headquarters, Telefonplan, Stockholm | Wikipedia

During the CTIA Wireless trade show last Tuesday, Ericsson announced their new network software, which is designed to ensure better mobile Internet connection. It can be used by mobile operators that take advantage of Wi-Fi to supplement their cellular networks.

How Ericsson’s Network Software Works

Ericsson’s latest network software measures which connection works best for a user, especially when he’s in an area where both Wi-Fi and cellular network are available. It will then shift automatically to a better connection.

The company said that this feature can prevent users from being shifted from cellular to Wi-Fi network connection. As it turns out, there are circumstances when a mobile Internet connection remains on Wi-Fi, even though it’s slower than the cellular network in its current location.

Delivering a better Internet connection is not just about offering heterogeneous network to offload data traffic. It also has something to do with knowing what is currently the best available network connection in a particular spot.

With Ericsson’s latest network software, it can determine and carry out real-time traffic between Wi-Fi and cellular connections. It also offers access selection, as well as a self-optimizing network tool to guarantee good performance.

According to the company, this new technology is in line with the standard mechanisms of Wi-Fi and cellular roaming, which include Wi-Fi Certified Passpoint and 3GPP’s Access Network Discovery, and Selection Function.

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