Beer In Baseball Infographic Shows What America’s Real Pastime Is

Now that we’re at the unofficial kickoff to summer, there’s really only two things Americans care about. Beer and baseball.

While the baseball season has been underway for about two months, most of us finally have the warmer weather and extra time to crack open a cold one and cheer on our favorite baseball team.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that beer and baseball go so well together. There’s a long and rich extra history between the two. For example, back in 1882, The American Association (nicknamed the “Beer and Whiskey League”) was formed. Unlike the National League that followed temperance regulations, the American League offered Sunday games with alcoholic beverages in stadiums that allowed drinking.

And, that was just the first of many partnerships between baseball and beer.

The Yankess were owned by the owner of the Jacob Ruppert Brewing Company from 1915 until his death in 1939. The brewery Gussie Busch owned the St. Louis Cardinals from 1953-1995, today their home, Bush Stadium is named after Anheuser-Busch. The Blue Jays were once owned by the Labatt Brewing Co. The Orioles were owned by Jerold Hoffberger, president of National Brewing Company, throughout the ’60s and ’70s. And, that tradition still remains. The Brewers play ball at Miller Park, while the Rockies call Coors Field home.

But, what about the fans?

It’s been discovered that 90% of fans claim that beer makes baseball more enjoyable. For concession buyers, 83% of them purchase beer. And, it’s also been proven that half of baseball fans drink beer before, during and after the game.

Just to illustrate how popular beer is amongst baseball fans, here’s an interesting infographic that was created by Nicole Phillips for The Big Gulp.


While baseball may claim to be America’s pastime, the stats prove otherwise. It looks like America’s real pastime is drinking beer.

After checking out those stats, do you agree? Does beer consumption make a baseball game more enjoyable? And, if you’re a baseball fan, do you enjoy an ice-cold brew before, during and after the game?

Source: The Big Gulp

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