Apple’s ‘iWatch’ with Biometrics, Coming Late 2014

Apple's "iWatch" Patent | US Patent and Trademark Office

Apple’s “iWatch” Patent | US Patent and Trademark Office

In a note to investors that was sent last week, KGI Securities’ Ming Chi Kuo stated Apple will release a wearable accessory called iWatch. The analyst event pointed out the company’s recent patent filings regarding curved screens and batteries. However, he believes that it won’t be available anytime soon.

Apple’s iWatch: Features and Specs

Earlier last week, there were rumors that the so-called iWatch will use either 1.5 or 2-inch panel. But instead of OLED screens, it is likely to boast GF2 touchscreen technology similar to iPad Mini and iPod Nano’s. That’s because the format is suitable for small screen applications.

The device also borrowed iPod Nano’s application processor or AP, which enables integration to existing iOS device ecosystem. However, Apple may not have the adequate resources to build an iWatch variant of its mobile operating system as of the moment. Thus, there were claims that it will be available in 2014.

In addition, Kuo believes that the iWatch will have a “secure user identification mechanism” and biometric functionality. The biometrics will enable the device to prevent unwanted user access while providing advanced healthcare features.

If the Apple iWatch and biometrics feature came into fruition, it could pave the way for an advance healthcare hardware industry.

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