Xbox One, to Own Your TV and Unite Your Living Room

Microsoft's Xbox One | Official Website

Microsoft’s Xbox One | Official Website

After months of rumors and speculations, Microsoft has finally unveiled their next-generation console—the Xbox One. The gaming system’s price is yet to be known, but it was already announced that it will be packed with an updated Kinect sensor. The Xbox One will be available “later this year”.

Xbox One: The Gatekeeper of Living-Room Entertainment

What’s cool about the Xbox One is its Kinect sensor’s voice commands. This feature will enable them to activate the console, as well as switch between functions with little latency. Still, users can continue to navigate the system using the controller or the Smart Glass app, said Microsoft’s Senior Vice President of Interactive Entertainment Yusef Mehdi.

There’s also the live television streams, wherein users can easily switch to live TV using the correct prompt. It also has a TV guide that shows available TV shows together with on-demand content.

Aside from that, Xbox One offers the Snap Mode, which enables users to multitask between various apps and functions on a single screen. There’s also the Skype integration that lets users video chat using the network and the Kinect sensor.

Simply put, Xbox One will make any TV it is attached with a smart TV. Microsoft knows very well that the television is the center of a user’s living-room entertainment. Thus, the creation of Xbox One aims to make the console the gatekeeper of the experience.


Xbox One will push Microsoft’s efforts to take on the user’s whole living-room experience. But whether it can really assume the role of one central device remains to be seen.

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