Facebook to Introduce New Policies Against Hate Speech

Spam or Harmful Content Report Option | Facebook

Spam or Harmful Content Report Option | Facebook

On an official blog post last Tuesday, Facebook announced that they would be introducing new policies to better combat “hate speech” on the social network. Although their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities prohibits hate speech, they have failed to work as effectively as they should.

These changes come amid concerns voiced by group such as Women, Action and the Media and Everyday Sexism Project.

According to Facebook’s Vice President of Global Public Policy Marne Levine, such content hasn’t been removed quickly enough. Moreover, content that needs to be removed were evaluated using outdated criteria.

With the changes set to be executed immediately, Facebook will solicit feedback from legal experts and representative of concerned groups to update their guidelines. Similar resources will also be used to train the teams that review and evaluate reports of hate speech.

Facebook has started testing their updated policy a few months ago, and will continue to develop it based on results.

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