Facebook Announces Verified Pages and Profiles

Facebook Verified Pages and Profiles | Facebook Newsroom

Facebook Verified Pages and Profiles | Facebook Newsroom

Facebook announced their Verified Pages and Profiles last Wednesday, providing additional level of authenticity to high-profile accounts. Obviously, this is the social network’s version of Twitter’s verified accounts, including the blue small checkmark found beside the user’s profile name. This mark appears on the page itself, throughout the site and on search results.

Facebook Verified Pages and Profiles: What You Need to Know

In a new section of its Help Center, Facebook describes what a verified profile or page actually is. However, the social network did not reveal how they verify a user’s account. On the other hand, the checkmark is a tooltip that offers more information about the verification.

In relation to this, Facebook noted that there’s no way for a user to request verification. The social network will be the one to approach the user if they deem that verifying the account will be useful. In line with this, TechCrunch’s Darrell Etherington wrote:

Our writer Josh Constine just received a notification that his profile had been verified. He didn’t have to make any request or submit any documentation. He uses a normal user profile but with the Subscribe feature turned on so people can follow his public updates. His relatively large follower base of 170,000 and his profession as a journalist likely qualified him for automatic verification.

According to Facebook, the Verified Pages are being rolled out to a small group of well-known public personality with large audiences, and it will be available to profiles soon.

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