5 Reasons The Tesla Model S Will Change Your Life



In 2009, the world got its first glance of Tesla’s Model S during the Frankfurt Motor Show. Retail deliveries of the full-sized electric four-door fastback sports sedan started in the United States in June 2012. But with a base price of $62,400, the Model S is probably not affordable for many consumers.

However, that may change within the next three to four years.

Tesla founder Elon Musk, while recently speaking at D11, said that the car company will be able to deliver a model that will cost half as much as the current Tesla Model S. Tesla will accomplish this by creating a mass-market design that will be 20 percent smaller in size.

We’re all for Tesla creating an affordable option for the general public. Just as long as they don’t tinker too much with the gem of the sedan’s interior.


One of the highlights of the Model S is the 17” touchscreen, which can put rich content at your fingertips, as well as, provide mobile connectivity. The touchscreen is divided into four areas, which are:

  • Top display: status symbols and provides shortcuts to Charging, HomeLink, Driver Profiles, vehicle information, and Bluetooth
  • Second line: access to Apps including Media, Nav (driven by Google Maps), Energy, Web, Camera, and Phone.
  • Central viewing area: changes depending on the chosen app chosen and can display two apps at a time.
  • Bottom area: access to Controls and Settings (doors, locks, lights, etc.) and a secondary volume control for the passenger.

Basically, the dashboard for the Model S is like having an iPad assembled into the center interior of your car. It not only keeps the driver constantly connected, it pretty much runs the entire vehicle. And, it the screen itself looks amazingly clear as well.

The possibilities are endless for the 17” digital touchscreen. In fact, the Model S dashboard is so awesome that I’d be willing to sell my house, buy the Model S and just live in my car. OK. I maybe wouldn’t go that far, but we’re thinking that the Model S will be a life-changing piece of machinery. Do you wanna know why? Well, check out our five reasons below.


5. It Can Play All of Our Music

Between the HD radio, online radio, and on-demand internet radio, you can listen to any song that you want, anytime that you want. You can also hook up devices like your iPhone to one of the four USB ports, just in case you can’t find the song that you want on the radio or if you need to charge your smartphone or tablet. If you get bored of listening to music, you do have access to the web, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

4. The Car Is Electric, Don’t Need to Worry About Burning Gas

As long as you have a place to plug the Model S into at the end of the day, you don’t need to worry about burning gas. This means that you can just hang out or drive around in the car and not feel that guilty about throwing money away towards gas, or harming the environment. And, since you can get 300 miles out of your battery for the top-level model, you can remain in your own little world for quite some time. And, don’t worry about not knowing when the battery is getting low. The touchscreen also shows you how much juice you have used and how much is left.

3. There’s an HD Camera, Too!

The Model S also comes equipped with the industry’s first ever full HD backup camera. Obviously, this is for safety reasons, like not backing into anyone or anything, and helping lousy drivers to parallel park. While plenty of other cars have this feature, none of them come in crisp, clear high definition. This could be a real life-saver.

2. All of the Car Controls Are in One Spot

Instead of searching for knobs for the various controls and settings in your car, the Model S has everything in one convenient location. By using the touchscreen, you can change the temperature, open the all-glass panoramic roof, adjust ride height, quicken the steering mode, lock the doors or turn on the lights, just to name a few. In our current instant-gratification society, what else could you ask for?

1. Web/Apps/Navigation, Oh My!

This is the absolute best part of the Model S touchscreen. The web features for the Model S are pretty much what you would get out of a tablet. You’re connected to a web browser, which means you can keep up with news, read reviews on Yelp, or connect with your friends and family on social media sites like Instagram or meet some fellow singles at And, you can also download apps and have a picture navigation system in the center of your dashboard.

So, let’s say that you’re cruising around town and your friend, or date, wants to meet up at a bar. They ask you to find a cool spot and get back to them. You search Yelp, find a bar with great reviews, get directions, and then send that info to your friends or special lady friend all via the touchscreen in the Model S. And, if you get there early, you could always sit back in your seat and watch an episode of “Arrested Development” through the Netflix app, we’re assuming. That’s revolutionary, not to mention life-changing, right there.

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