Get Ready For the End of the World With ‘This Is The End’ 16-Bit Game and Photobomb App


This Is The End / Facebook

In case you weren’t paying attention, there’s a lot of post-apocalyptic movies hitting the big screen this year.

Sure. Hollywood has a long history of showing us how the world will end, and the aftermath, but 2013 has had, or will, movies like Elysium, After Earth, Pacific Rim, Oblivion, and World War Z. It’s almost safe to say that 2013 is the “Year Of The Post-Apocalyptic”.

But, sometimes we need to have a little fun with the end of the world, which is why we can’t wait to check out This Is The End.

The upcoming comedy is from the guys behind Superbad and Pineapple Express and it’s about a bunch of celebs: Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, Danny McBride and Emma Watson, dealing with the apocalypse while at a party at James Franco’s house. Sounds like comedy gold to us.

To help promote the movie, there’s a bunch of awesome interactive games and apps for fans to partake in over at the film’s official site.


For starters, there’s a retro 16-Bit video game entitled Hollywood Hellfire. Players can either be Seth Rogen or Jay Baruchel and wander around L.A. looking for end-of-the-world supplies. It’s free and looks like a blast. Literally.

Next up is the photobomb app, which should be pretty self-explanatory. Basically, you can just insert the cast members into any of your existing pics. Nice. Who wouldn’t want to get photobombed by James Franco or Seth Rogen?

There’s also the Apocalypse Survivor Game, which you can play on the movie’s Facebook page. The cool part about this game is that it randomly selects 16 of your friends to play the game with.

Finally, there’s a meme and GIF generator. You can create your own meme, video GIF, or photo GIF by using the provided pics and clips from the movie. From there, you can let your imagine run wild and then share your creation with the rest of the world. Just make sure to finish up before the apocalypse goes down.

These features are probably some of the best promotional tools ever used for a movie. We were already psyched about This Is The End, but the games and apps are making the geek inside of us get all kinds of tingly.

If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, for some reason, here it is.


This Is The End drops in theaters on June 12.

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