Code Avarice’s ‘Paranautical Activity’ Blocked on Steam

Code Avarice's "Paranautical Activity" Beta | Official YouTube Video

Code Avarice’s “Paranautical Activity” Beta | Official YouTube Video

Indie game studio, Code Avarice, is all geared up to publish their game—Paranautical Activity—on Steam, only to be declined by Valve. That’s because the independent game developer had already posted their game on Steam’s Greenlight feature last September 2012.

Code Avarice’s Steam Greenlight Issue

Valve offers the Steam Greenlight service to indie game developers, which allows them to publish content on Steam once it has gone through the approval process. However, this approval is viewed a bit more than a popularity contest. It has also been considered as a failed experiment.

Meanwhile, Code Avarice had initially posted their Paranautical Activity on Steam Greenlight, but abandoned it after game publisher Adult Swim approached them. The game publisher offered to help them get their game published on Steam without the need to undergo Greenlight. They were ecstatic about it and accepted the offer.

However, Valve rejected the deal presented by Adult Swim’s representative. They pointed out that they “didn’t want to send the message that indies can seek out publishers to bypass Steam Greenlight”.

Because of this, Code Avarice is trying to revive their Greenlight campaign after neglecting it for a couple of months. They are back to being one of the millions of game devs that are waiting hopefully in line at Greenlight. Worse, it appears that Adult Swin is now less enthusiastic about backing them.


Because of Code Avarice’s sour experience, debates on whether Steam Greenlight is a curse or a blessing for independent game developers resurfaced. Not to mention that it’s not helping to clear the service’s name.

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