‘The Last of Us: Factions’ and What You Need to Know

Just over a week before The Last of Us hits stores, game developer Naughty Dog shed some light about the game’s multiplayer mode called “Factions”. The game dev noted that the multiplayer mode is an extension of the title’s single-player themes.

The moment-to-moment survival represent in single-player campaign is integral to the multiplayer. You’ll feel tension and need to be intensely alert at all times.

Naughty Dog added that the multiplayer mode is “very tactical,” puts emphasis on teamwork, and boasts similar crafting system found in the single-player mode. There’s also the Listen mode, which enables gamers to locate enemies with silenced weapons.

How ‘The Last of Us Factions’ Works

In The Last of Us Factions mode, a gamer must pick whether he wants to be a hunter or a firefly. They will start with a small number of survivors that they need to be kept alive and grow over time.

The Factions mode comes with two themes: Supply Raid and Survivor. The Supply Raid gives players 20 reinforcements, which will go to a sudden death once it’s exhausted. Survivor theme, on the other hand, is a best-of-seven match and has respawns. Once a player dies, he’s finished until the next round begins.

Survival Pack and Other Features

In addition, The Last of Us will feature a $20 downloadable content season pass that will bring in first-day perks, which include the following:

  • Increased in-game crafting speed
  • Faster healing
  • A 9-mm pistol reload speed upgrade
  • Rifle clip capacity upgrade
  • Single and multiplayer mode expansion access (Available sometime after The Last of Us’ official launch)

Furthermore, gamers who pre-order The Last of Us via GameSpot will receive the Survival Pack that includes bonus experience points, melee attack booster, extra in-game cash, customizable items, and two bonus skins that will be available after the single-player mode is accomplished.


Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us will be available exclusively for PlayStation 3 starting June 14.

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