Microsoft to Skip Roundtable Conference with Media on E3

Microsoft Xbox One | Official Xbox Website

Microsoft Xbox One | Official Xbox Website

While it is still unclear as to what Microsoft’s Xbox One might bring to its potential buyers once it becomes available, the company is cutting further opportunities to showcase the console’s features at the upcoming E3 event in Los Angeles, CA.

It is already expected that majority of console manufacturers will take the time to have a Q&A portion with the press after the conference. This portion, called roundtable, will enable the media people to get the answers they’re seeking for all the questions that were left unanswered during the main event. However, Sun Media reporter Steve Tilley posted on his Twitter account that Microsoft will skip this portion entirely.

It is unsure what gaming fans will make out of it, but it is possible that Microsoft is avoiding any more confusion. Here’s to hoping that the Xbox One maker will find the time to clear the air amongst their gamers.

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