PlayStation Store Update: Japan and Hong Kong

PlayStation Store | Official Website

PlayStation Store | Official Website

Every week, SCE updates the PlayStation Store in major regions worldwide, which brings in new content, add-ons and many more to eligible users. Meanwhile, AMOG catalogs the PlayStation Store update. Check out the complete rundown of the Japan and Hong Kong Update below:


PS3 Games

  • Vividred Operation: Hyper Intimate Power

PS3 Add-on Content

  • Dynasty Warriors 8 DLC (¥100 and up)
  • Resident Evil: Revelations DLC (¥200)
  • Skull Girls DLC (¥100)
  • Tomb Raider DLC (¥300)

PS Vita Games

  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation PS3 Support Application (Free)
  • Nekurebo Secretary Exam (¥4,300)

PS Vita Add-on Content

  • Seimado Monogatari DLC (¥250)
  • Valhalla Knights DLC (¥150)

Game Videos

  • PlayView: Fate Extra (¥1,200)
  • PlayView: PS Vita Edition (¥200)


PS3 Games

  • Hitman Absolution
  • Remember Me

PS3 Add-on Content


  • The Lost Island

Dust 514

  • Aeriel Assault pack


  • Costume Pack 1

Hitman Absolution

  • Suit and Gun Collection

Tomb Raider

  • Scavenger Executioner
  • Tomb Raider Adventure Pack
  • Tomb of the Lost Adventurer
  • Tomb Raider Online Survival Pack

PS Vita Demos

  • Limbo

PS Vita Games

  • Limbo

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