Mojang’s ‘Scrolls’ Hits Open Beta

Mojang's 'Scrolls' | Official Scroll Website

Mojang’s ‘Scrolls’ | Official Scroll Website

Creators of the widely popular Minecraft, Mojang, released a new game in open beta earlier last week. Titled as Scrolls, the game is available for $20, which offers buyers with access to future updates.

More about Mojang’s Scrolls

Scrolls is a battle that pits two players against each other with the help of heroes and spells from a virtual deck of cards.

Although still in beta, the game now offers a number of features. There is the in-game store, which enables players to purchase new cards using in-game currency or real-money currency.  Gamers can also trade cards, as well as try their strategy up to 25 times before facing their opponent.

As of the moment, there are no words as to when Scrolls will be available as a full-pledged game. But you can check out the trailer to see how Mojang’s upcoming game looks like.


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