Windows 8 Users Must Reinstall Apps for Windows 8.1 Beta

Windows 8.1 Start Screen | Official YouTube Video

Windows 8.1 Start Screen | Official YouTube Video

Starting June 26, users will be able to download the preview version of Windows 8.1 via Windows Store. However, the company noted that upgrading to the final RTM build will require users to reinstall all of their apps. These include all of the modern-stype apps and desktop apps.

On the other hand, users who would prefer to upgrade to the official version of Windows 8.1 once it becomes available will no longer have to reinstall their applications. Theoretically, users will have the option of dual-booting into Windows 8 or run Windows 8.1 in a virtual machine. But nothing is written on stone yet.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Windows 8 users will be notified of the Windows 8.1 via Windows Update come June 26. From there, they can decide whether or not they would want to upgrade their operating system.

To know some of the improvements that Windows 8.1 beta will bring in, check out Microsoft’s video preview below.


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