Apple’s Low-Cost iPhone to Adopt iPhone 4’s Colored Bumpers

Apple's iPhone 4 | Official Website

Apple’s iPhone 4S | Official Website

Last Thursday’s words from the Far East claimed that Apple would launch a low-cost iPhone this September. In addition, the purported mobile devices is said to come in five colors, which will be taken straight from the iPhone 4’s official bumpers.

According to Japanese Apple blog Mac Otakara, the Cupertino-based company decided to produce black, white, pink, orange, and blue versions of the said handset. On the other hand, the color green is no longer considered, while the availability of a (PRODUCT)RED iteration in the future is yet to be known.

Apple’s iPhone 5S

Meanwhile, Apple’s next-generation iPhone—dubbed as “iPhone 5S”—is said to have a gold version. Expected to be released this fall, the rumor is in line with the images surfacing online, showing the device’s so-called SIM card trays that appear to be golden or beige.

But nothing is set to stone yet, unless these words are coming straight from Apple.

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